*Most Popular*-Our Favorite Hunts!

This game dinner topic has quickly become TCO’s favorite presentation! We’re always excited to share some of our most memorable hunts that we have captured over the years. The audience will get a chance to see a variety of waterfowl and turkey hunts! With some of the funniest footage ever caught on film, it is sure to make you laugh! Upon request a dog demonstration is incorporated in this seminar.  Along with hearing all about our favorite hunts, you will also get a chance to hear some important hunting tips and tactics that are sure to be useful on your next hunt!

Most importantly, a TCO team member will end the session with a presentation of the Gospel message. This is why our ministry is in existence- to present the Gospel!

This presentation is approximately 45min -1hr.

The time can be adjusted to meet your needs!



Turkey Hunting Seminars

Hunting Pressured Longbeards and Advanced Tactics
In this seminar we will discuss some of the biggest mistakes we have made in the woods and will show how to avoid repeating them. This seminar will include many tips from scouting to harvesting and will also show some misses we have caught on film. For those experienced hunters we throw in some advanced tactics that will set them apart from others in the woods. All levels of hunters will glean information that will help them in the coming seasons. (Approx. 45min.-1hour)

Learning to Call for Success in the Woods
This seminar focuses on the calling aspect of hunting the wild turkey. We will take you through all the calls of the wild turkey and show you video of them making those calls. During this seminar we will also walk through the basic calls that you can use and how to use them successfully. Included in this is an opportunity to ask questions and gain insightful answers in what one can do to be a successful turkey hunter. (Approx.40min.-50min)


Waterfowl Hunting with Man’s Best Friend Seminar

This seminar will include one of the things we love to do in waterfowl hunting. Watch our best friends work! Since TCO was founded a couple of years ago, we have found that one of our best joys in hunting is training our dogs for the field. These dogs truly add to the excitement in the field! During this (45-1hr) presentation, we will give training tips as well as video footage of our dogs to help you with handling your best friend.
This seminar is lead by PA Goose Calling champion David Stallard with “Drake” (Golden Retriever).